Riddle Field Laguna Beach

Riddle Field Laguna Beach

Private Street at Hillcrest & High, Laguna Beach, California


Riddle Field Laguna Beach lagunabeachcommunity.com

Riddle Field consists of a baseball field used by Little League and also open to the public.

There are also  batting cages, a parent-run snack shack during games, and seating areas.

This park also has a half basketball court, playground, picnic area, parking lot, bathrooms, and drinking fountains as well.

Amenites Include:

  • batting cages
  • parent-run snack shack during games
  • seating areas
  • half-court basketball
  • playground structure
  • picnic area
  • parking lot
  • bathrooms
  • drinking fountains
Riddle Field Laguna Beach LagunaBeachCommunity.com


  • Closed between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m.
Riddle Field Park Laguna Beach LagunaBeachCommunity.com

Riddle Field is in the area of North Laguna Beach