Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Pacific Marine Mammal Center of Laguna Beach Honored with Nature’s Voice Award

Pacific Marine Mammal Center of Laguna Beach Honored with Nature’s Voice Award

Pacific Marine Mammal Center of Laguna Beach Honored with Nature’s Voice Award, $1,000 Grant and Opportunity to Win $10,000 Grant
Greater Good Charities Awards Honor Nature’s Outstanding Voices to Inspire Others
Seattle, Wash. (September 28,2020) – The inaugural Greater Good Charities’ Nature’s Voice Awards, aiming to amplify the voice and impact of sustainability advocates across the globe, has announced Pacific Marine Mammal of Laguna Beach
as a winner and awarded them a $1,000 grant with the opportunity to win an additional $10,000 grant. The grants are given by Greater Good Charities in partnership Nature’s Logic.

“Pacific Marine Mammal Center is extremely honored to be recognized for our work to rescue, rehabilitate and release marine mammals in need, giving them a second chance at life, Peter Chang, Chief Executive Office of the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. “By recognizing our work, this award amplifies our message and impacts the lives of the animals in our care and those in the wild whose survival depends on a healthy marine environment.”

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center provides a platform from which to inform and inspire others to care for and protect the environment in which these animals (and we humans!) live and thrive, and sets the stage for the important research the center is leading to understand more about marine mammals, how to best support their survival, and the ocean eco-system as a whole. It also strengthens the message of healing, hope and renewal these animals bring to ailing children across the country through our Healing Seals program.

Recipients of the Nature’s Voice Awards recognized for their exemplary communication efforts include Ugandan activist Vanessa Nakate; Scott Black; Invertebrate conservationist and executive director of the Xerces Society; and the Sierra Club Hawaii Chapter Vice-Chair Lucienne de Naie.

Greater Good Charities, a charitable organization devoted to improving the health and well-being of people, pets, and the planet, and Nature’s Logic, a 100% natural pet food with no synthetic vitamins, created the new awards program to recognize organizations and individuals that excel at inspiring action and can serve as best practice examples for other environmental voices to increase their own impact.

Winners that demonstrate outstanding communication efforts – from social media to advertising to events and more – are selected via crowdsourced nominations reviewed by Greater Good Charities. Winners will receive national and local recognition, and, for non-profits, a $1,000 grant. All winners receive a gift of Nature’s Logic 100% natural pet food for their pet-loving constituents, where available.

One top winner, which will receive national recognition and a $10,000 grant, will be selected from among the winners by a panel of judges active in the environmental sustainability sector. The panel includes: Patty Rose, Executive Director, Greenspace, NCR, board member New Partners Community Solar; Caitlyn Dudas, Executive Director, Pet Sustainability Coalition; Sarah Julian, Owner OffLeash Communications and Board member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition; Svanika Balasubramanian, Cofounder and CEO of rePurpose Global, the World’s First Plastic Credit Platform; Gillian Davies, Founding Co-Leader of Society of Wetland Scientists Climate Change and Wetlands Initiative and SWS Past President; David Garfield Roland, Media Attorney, Producer of Love Thy Nature and Other Social Mission Films; Noah Horton, Chief Marketing Officer of Greater Good Charities; and Caroline Golon, VP Marketing for Nature’s Logic. Sustainability advocates and Nala Cat’s pet parents Shannon Ellis and Varisiri “Pookie” Methachittiphan serve as the nominating chairs of the Nature’s Voice Awards.

Nature’s Logic is a brand dedicated to sustainability, so sponsoring these awards aligns with the company’s mission. Those efforts include buying 1 kWh of renewable energy for every pound of pet food the company sells. The energy Nature’s Logic purchases goes towards powering their headquarters with renewable energy, the manufacturing of their kibble and bags, and the operations of their partners, including Greater Good Charities.

Greater Good Charities is best known for its disaster relief efforts, as well as signature programs such as The Jackson Galaxy Project, Rescue Bank, Rescue Rebuild, Girls’ Voices, and more. For years, Greater Good Charities has focused on supporting and funding efforts around sustainability so these awards are another way the non-profit can support initiatives both small and large.

The $10,000 grand prize winner will be announced in late September. For more information, please visit

Greater Good Charities & PMMC, September 28, 2020, Media Release

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