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CDC Guidelines Regarding Coronavirus

CDC Guidelines Regarding Coronavirus

City of Laguna Beach Recommends Public Follow CDC Guidelines Regarding Coronavirus

Laguna Beach, CA – The City of Laguna Beach wants you to know that we share your concern about the potential local spread of COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus). The City is monitoring developments and coordinating with local and regional partners regarding precautionary measures and any appropriate next steps.

“While the CDC states the current risk to the general public of getting COVID-19 is reported as ‘low,’ the City of Laguna Beach is taking reasonable measures to prevent the potential contraction and spread of such viruses,” said Laguna Beach City Manager John Pietig.

Based on what we have learned so far from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we want to echo their recommendations and urge you to follow them in your day-to-day routine until the situation changes:

Stay home if you are sick. If you have any type of flu-like symptoms, whether you suspect it is coronavirus or the seasonal flu, you are URGED to stay home, do not go to work, do not attend public events or meetings, do not visit restaurants, and do not visit other places where you may come in contact with large numbers of the public. Visit your healthcare provider as appropriate to manage your symptoms or illness.

Cover your cough or sneeze. Please know that face masks primarily protect others from the infection that the person wearing the face mask is carrying. The CDC does not recommend that people who are well wear a face mask to protect themselves from respiratory diseases, including COVID-19. If you are leaving your house with flu-like symptoms in order to visit a doctor, please do wear a face mask.

Wash hands often with liquid soap and water, and rub for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use antibacterial hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol. To this end, the City of Laguna Beach is installing multiple hand sanitizing stations at City Hall, the Community and Susi Q Center, other public facilities, and on all City Trolleys and in public restrooms. The City urges all local restaurant owners, schools, churches, hotels and local business owners to provide hand sanitizer for all patrons.

The City is posting information about coronavirus at City Hall, at all public facilities and on all City Trolleys for your reference. We are also constantly updating additional information on coronavirus our website at Corona Virus 2020

Update: Cruise Ship Coronavirus Patients Will Not Be Quarantined
at Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa

On Thursday, February 27, the City of Laguna Beach filed an amicus brief supporting the City of Costa Mesa’s efforts to stop state and federal authorities from using the Fairview Developmental Center as an isolation site for individuals who tested positive for coronavirus from the Diamond Princess cruise ship. The cities of Newport Beach and Huntington Beach and the County of Orange also filed similar support for the City of Costa Mesa in opposition to this plan.

Late on Friday, February 28, the Federal Government abandoned its plans to use the Fairview Developmental Center as a coronavirus quarantine site. A Central District Judge then dismissed Costa Mesa’s lawsuit as moot.

“We fully support and appreciate the quick decisions made by the City of Costa Mesa to protect the health and safety of all our local residents,” said Laguna Beach Mayor Bob Whalen. “Our number one priority is protecting the public.”

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