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LBHS Welcomes New Assistant Principal Dale Miller

LBHS Welcomes New Assistant Principal Dale Miller

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. — After the announced departure of assistant principal Robert Billinger, Laguna Beach High School searched high and low for a new replacement. Now, the school would like to give a warm welcome to the new assistant principal, Mr. Dale Miller.

“I am truly excited to continue working with our students, staff, and community to collaborate on ways to continue to push LBHS to provide high-level education for our students,” said Miller. His goal is to support “families and the community to produce students who are prepared for the world beyond LBHS.”

Miller appears to be the perfect fit for the job. For the past two years, he was an assistant principal at Anaheim High School. He had previously worked for the Anaheim Union School District for 12 years as a teacher. During his time as an educator, he taught health and science.

Miller has also been an administrative athletic trainer at the University of New Mexico and the University of California, Irvine. Athletic trainers rehabilitate student-athletes behind the scenes and watch them flourish from a distance. Similar to a school’s administrative team members, these trainers play a vital role in the team but aren’t always recognized. Miller hopes to bring his past experiences of being an athletic trainer to LBHS, continuing as a humble facilitator in his role as assistant principal.

“I’m generally the guy behind the scenes who wants to support students reach their potential and build their legacy. If there is a need, I want to be thought of as someone the students can reach out to when they need support,” said Miller.

Nikol King, who has been an assistant principal at LBHS for four years, has taken note of Miller’s forward-thinking.

“Mr. Miller sees things that are beyond the great things already taking place and has ideas he shares enthusiastically. He has been a great partner so far, and I see him making a positive impact on our school community. He is highly collaborative and supportive of my work with our school community and eager to get to know everyone,” said King.
In prior years, one assistant principal would be in charge of the curriculum and the other would be in charge of discipline. Now, all responsibilities are split down the middle, with King working with students with last names A-M and Miller working with N-Z. As each assistant principal will oversee academics and discipline for half of the student body, Miller and King also intend to work together to support all students, regardless of the alphabet.

“We are really focusing on mentoring students, rather than disciplining them. Our goal is to guide students through their decisions so that they make the best choices for themselves, and learn from mistakes along the way. We are always looking to refine practices that support our school community,” said King.

LBUSD Oct 8, 2019 Media Release
LBHS students Ellie Ford and Carly Rohrer interview with assistant principals Mr. Dale Miller and Ms. Nikol King (pictured).

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