Danny Kalscheuer 2019 Firefighter of the Year
Laguna Beach Fire Department

Danny Kalscheuer 2019 Firefighter of the Year

Danny Kalscheuer
2019 Firefighter of the Year

Laguna Beach Fire Department Names 2019 Firefighter of the Year

Laguna Beach, CA – The Laguna Beach Fire Department is pleased to announce that Firefighter Paramedic Danny Kalscheuer has been named the Laguna Beach Fire Department’s 2019 Firefighter of the Year.

Kalscheuer started his career in Laguna Beach as a Reserve Firefighter in 2008 and has always been engaged in the Department finding ways to improve the organization.

“Danny was nominated by his peers for this award and it goes without saying that his contributions and commitment to our Department have been extremely impactful throughout 2019,” said Laguna Beach Fire Chief Mike Garcia. “Danny helps manage our Firehouse program, which is responsible for our incident documentation, inspections and much more. Danny also helped create the updates specific to our Department’s staffing software and spent countless hours ensuring that our most recent Telestaff rollout was seamless,” Garcia said.

Each year the Laguna Beach Fire Department recognizes a worthy department member as the Firefighter of the Year. To be considered for this recognition, the firefighter not only has to demonstrate high quality and consistent job performance, but they must also show an elevated personal level of commitment and dedication to a program and/or project that improves the Laguna Beach Fire Department.

In addition to his IT/Software responsibilities, Kalscheuer took on the role as one of the Department’s lead instructors and test facilitators for this year’s Engineer promotional process. With the assistance of Captain Gilmore, Kalscheuer created the first ever one-week manipulative training academy and with his help and guidance, all the candidates who took the exam were successful in the process. He also handles purchasing and maintenance of the Department’s workout equipment and continues to ensure that all equipment is functional and up to date.

“Danny’s most valuable traits are his positive attitude, optimism and consistency,” Garcia said. “Danny has never slowed down, in fact some mentioned in their nomination that Danny contributes more today than ever before.”

The Firefighter of the Year is nominated by their peers. The nominees are then forwarded to the Chief Officers, who meet to review and discuss each and every candidate. At the end of this review, a worthy candidate is selected for the honor. For more information, please contact Firefighter Pat Cary at (949) 497-0700.

Laguna Beach Fire Department, January 28, 2020, Media Release

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