Great Chanukah Gelt Drop Main Beach
Laguna Beach Fire Department Special Events

Great Chanukah Gelt Drop Main Beach

Great Chanukah Gelt Drop Main Beach

The Great Chanukah Gelt Drop at Laguna Main Beach

Laguna Beach’s First Ever Chanukah Chocolate Gelt Drop! Laguna Beach Fire Department to Drop Chocolate Chanukah Coins at Laguna Main Beach!

On Sunday, December 22, at 2:00 PM, Chabad of Laguna Beach will be hosting the annual community- wide Surfboard Menorah Festival at Laguna Main Beach cobblestones! The Menorah Lighting will feature Laguna’s first ever Chanukah Gelt Drop, with our local firefighters extending their ladders and showering the ground with chocolate gelt (coins) for all participants!

This activity brings the ancient custom of giving children gelt, or money on Chanukah to a whole new level. The custom of giving gelt was designed to offer children positive reinforcement for exemplary behavior, particularly as a reward for diligence in their studies, and acts of charity. In addition, the custom of distributing gelt enhances the children’s happiness and festive spirit.

At the Gelt Drop, not only will there be gelt, but it will be raining down with much drama and fanfare. Chabad of Laguna Beach is known for its innovative and creative approach. and the Gelt Drop will not disappoint!

“We wanted to take a tradition and make it magical. There is nothing more dynamic than chocolate dropping from the sky! We can’t wait to see the reaction of the children.” Perel Goorevitch, program director at Chabad Laguna Beach commented! Participants will also enjoy festive holiday music and dancing with the fabulous DJ Eldad, delicious Latkes, crafts and face painting for the kids, and lighting of the iconic, way cool Surfboard Menorah!

“It is a holiday that enriches our lives with the light of tradition,” said Rabbi Goorevitch, AKA Rabbi G., director of the Laguna Beach Chabad. “In ancient times, our ancestors rededicated the Temple in Jerusalem with the Menorah. Today, we rededicate ourselves to making this world a better and brighter place. Chanukah also propagates the universal message that ultimately good will prevail over evil, freedom over oppression, and light over darkness.” For more info, call Chabad at (949) 499 0770.

Chabad of Laguna, December 2, 2019, Media Release

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