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Wastewater Leak Stopped and Beach Closures Reduced

Wastewater Leak Stopped and Beach Closures Reduced

Laguna Beach Wastewater Leak Stopped and Beach Closures Reduced

Laguna Beach, CA At 12:15 p.m., the City of Laguna Beach replaced a valve that was leaking on a 24” sewage pipe, effectively stopping a wastewater leak.  The leak occurred near the Aliso and Woods Canyon Wilderness Park and was from the City sewage system, not The Ranch Golf Course. All residents and business owners may resume normal water usage, effective immediately.  We want to thank everyone for their patience, understanding, and efforts to conserve water usage while crews worked around the clock to repair the line.  

The current estimated wastewater spill volume is 1.4 million gallons, significantly less than the initial estimates of four million gallons.  As a result, the Orange County Health Care Agency is reducing the beach closures by about six miles. The closure now extends from the projection of El Moro Creek at Crystal Cove State Beach to the Southern point of Dana Strands.  The affected ocean and bay water areas will remain closed to water-contact sports until the results of follow-up water quality monitoring meet acceptable State water quality standards. The community is encouraged to pay close attention to any warning signs posted at the beach for their safety. 

Find more information on current beach closures on the Orange County Health Care Agency’s website at Orange County Beach Info  

City of Laguna Beach, November 29, 2019, Media Release

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