Vans and Wyland Foot the Bill Support for PMMC
Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Vans and Wyland Foot the Bill Support for PMMC

Vans and Wyland Foot the Bill Support for PMMC

Thanks to Vans and its “Foot The Bill” COVID response initiative, we are excited to announce the release of a limited edition PMMC Vans shoe, specifically designed by the world-renounced conservationist and local Laguna Beach artist, Wyland. Only 500 pairs of these shoes will be made available with net proceeds supporting PMMC and our continuing rescue and rehabilitation efforts during these difficult times. This limited edition shoe is customizable, which means you can add your own flair to your new shoes. Add a pop of color, flames, checkerboard, or even roses to your custom kicks!

PMMC is honored to be part of this Vans initiatives in which only 80 small, independent businesses around the world were selected. “My father Paul Van Doren always said that we were a people company that made shoes,” said Steve Van Doren, son of Vans’ founder and Vans’ Vice President of Events and Promotions. “We were once a small business and wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of these partners. We hope to rally together with our consumers to lend a helping hand to those that are in need.”

To support PMMC in the Vans Foot the Bill campaign, please click here!

Thank you for continuing to support patients like Princess Consuela and Gaia here. Because of you, they will get a second chance at life!

Pacific Marine Mammal Center, April 29, 2020, Media Release

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